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MARCH 4TH, 1985

This is 27 page circus weekly
Shirley Henry has returned to Mexico where she does a good dea of work for Circo Atayade
Doug Terranova, wild animal trainer, returned to Clyde Bros. quarters in Texas on Feb. 13th, after an engagement in Japan.
Miranda and Nataly Blumenfeld, of the Sole Bros. Circus, were pictured in the latest fashion clothes, in the Jan. 25th issue of Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper.
--article on Helen Carpenter's cats---
--Law suit between Circus World and David McMillan---
--National Geographic magazine of Feb. 1985 on pages 254 and 255, there are two photos of the Mongolian Circus---
--Ron and Joy Holliday were featured on the front page of the Arts and Leisure section of the Florida Times-Union on Feb 10th.--
--Tom Lunsford--

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George Beal Circus: Ray Diesler, Harold Voise and Eileen Voise Flying Thrillers

Harvard Disclaimer for these photos below.

Eileen Voise in front of circus tent.
Used with permission MS Thr 675(18) Houghton Library, Harvard University
George Beal Circus Collection

Ray Diesler, Eileen Voise and Harold Voise(right)
Used with permission Houghton Library, Harvard University
Geroge Beal Collection
see above

Ray Diesler, Harold Voise and Eileen Voise

The Flying Harolds
George Beal must have been writing the agenda down back of the photo
George Beal Collection
Used with permission
Houghton Library Harvard University

Youthful pic of Eileen Sullivan (Voise)
Used with permission
George Beal Collection
Houghton Library
Harvard University

Eileen Voise
Harvard University at Houghton Library
Used with Permission
George Beal Circus Collection

Eileen Larey with bucket which also has her name on it.
At one time she was married to Wayne Larey
Used with permission
Houghton Library
Harvard University
George Beal Collection

Eileen Voise
Laundry time
George Beal circus Collection
Harvard University
Houghton Library
Used with permisssion

MS THR 675 (18) Houghton Library, Harvard University from the George Beal Collection
Eileen Sullivan (Voise) with clothspin

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Harold Voise give instruction to Pier Angeli

Harold Voise gives instructions to Pier Angeli higher up.

Harold Voise the instructor

Harold Voise places security belt and ties to Pier Angeli during her training

Harold Voise and Camera Crew high up.

Harold Voise
Camera crew of 3 high up over the net.

Harold Voise instructs Pier Angeli

Harold Voise was a stunt double as well as his wife Eileen Voise for this movie.
Harold gives some chalk board instructions.

Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli Circus Outfit

ROMANTIC TEAM...Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli are the romantic lovers of M-G-M's high trapeze
romance "Equilibrium", one sequence from the Technicolor trilogy "The Story of three Loves".
S1571-78, 90, 89,93,94,95,99,100,101,102

Kirk Douglas Trapeze Star

page 49
TRAPEZE STAR..Kirk Douglas turns trapeze star from his role in M-G-M's thrilling story "Equilibrium" in which he stars with Pier Angeli. The vignette is one sequence from the Technicolor trilogy "The Story of Three Loves".
s1571-91, 92, 96, 97

Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli

page 47
SHATTERING DOUBT...Kirk Douglas experiences a shudder of doubt as he and Pier Angeli start to go into their "dive of death" act in M-G-M's thrilling Technicolor vignette "Equilibrium", one sequence of the trilogy, "The Story of three Loves".

Kirk douglas holding trapeze ladder

page 40
OUTSTANDING CHARACTERIZATION...Kirk Douglas gives one of the outstanding screen characterizations of his career as the trapeze artist in M-G-M's romantic vignette "Equilibrium".
Pier Angeli also stars in this sequence from the Technicolor "Story of Three Loves".

Kirk Douglas and Alix Talton

RIBBON FOR LUCK... Kirk Douglas inspects a good luck omen in the form of a bit of ribbon while Alix Talton stands by in this scene from M-G-M's exciting story "Equilibrium", one sequence from the Technicolor trilogy "The Story of three Loves".

Pier Angeli on Trapeze Ladder

FAITH... Pier Angeli puts her life in the hands of partner Kirk Douglas as she mounts the ladder to the high trapeze and a death-defying stunt. The scene is from M-G-M's thrilling romantic vignette "Equilibrium", one sequence of the Technicolor trilogy "The Story of Three Loves".

Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli on Trapeze

Page 23 of script
HIGH FLYERS...Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli pause for a moment before taking off on the flying trapeze for a thrilling aerial scene in M_G-M's "Equilibrium", one sequence from the trilogy "The Story of three Loves", which starts Kirk Douglas, Miss Angeli, with Richard Anderson, Alix Talton, Steven Geray and Ken Anderson. It was directed by Gottfried Reinhardt and produced by Sidney

Pier Angeli on Trapeze

page 22 in the script
PRACTICE TIME....Pier Angeli develops technique on the trapeze with Kirk Douglas as her unrelenting teacher in M-G-M's thrilling vignette "Equilibrium", one sequence in the Technicolor trilogy "The Story of Three Loves"

Kirk Douglas on Trapeze

page 21
REHEARSAL TIME...Kirk Douglas gives Pier Angeli some pointers on mastering the trapeze in these scenes from M-G-M's thrilling vignette "Equilibrium" from the exciting Technicolor trilogy "The Story of three Loves".

1571-51, 68,70,75

Pier Angeli

PRACTICE TIME...Pier Angeli develops technique on the trapeze with Kirk Douglas as her unrelenting teacher in M-G-M's thrilling vignette "Equilibrium", one sequence in the Technicolor trilogy "The Story of three Loves".

1571-79, 87

Kirb Douglas and Pier Angeli

Page 17
back side: " HEART TO HEART...Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli talk over the important matter of her future in this scene from M-G-M's thrilling Technicolor vignette "Equilibrium", one sequence from the "The Story of Three Loves".

1571-52, 71, 73
The Story of Three Loves
Page 12 of script
back side: "Good Listener...Alix Talton proves a good listener when Kirk Douglas tells her his plans for the future in this scene from M-G-M's thrilling story "Equilibrium", one sequence from the Technicolor trilogy "The story of Three Loves".  Pier Angeli also starts
The other side of Bobo's typed letter.
note: a missing space exist and not sure why.
Names that are mentioned throughout the letters are:
Fernandez, Ma, Harold's folks, Clayton, Hazel, Jayne, Hazel, Aunt Molly, Jimmy, Helen Siegriest, Darlene, Naittos, Alex Naitto, FBI
Bobo's letter dated Jan 13 19??
8.40 P.M.
Note: I decided not to retype this
Front part of the letter that held Bobo's letter
Cole Bros. Circus
Wintergardens ?
Louisville, Ky.

note: the top part along with the primary name and stamp  is missing.
Back side of envelop that held Bobo's letter
note: After 5 days return to Mrs. Rose Behee
1514 Zuniga Lane
Ramona Gardens, E. Los Angelas
c/o Griggs
Did Bobo use Rose's address to send to Neen??

Photo dated April 1963
Bob the Clown and wife? not sure waiting for confirmation

note:nothing is written on the back.

Hammond Eagles sign
Hammond, Indiana??
Dated April 1963

note: nothing is written on the back
note: I am thinking this is Bobo the Clown?

(see complete text from previous page of this one paper letter both sides)
This letter is dated July 8th, 1969 and signed by Bobo.
It says Dear Neen, Harold & Perry
Went to Opera House to get these pills for as I bought three sets while I was in Cleveland. Take
4 calciums a day for two weeks or more and 1 vitamin Caday (today?).
Your body use up all calcium in your body as you grow older and bones become porous.  These will not help your bursitis.  I know it sounds crazy but exercise the arm & build it up.  Hang on it & just left knees to chest. The rainy weather kills me as I have it in both shoulders now-since the accident
and are excruciating pain from middle of back down through left leg.  Only exercises relieve it-no matter how it hurts-exercise. And air conditioning is the worst offender.  I tighten up so in a cold place.  I break more damn dishes Ha!  Pretty boy has a new playpen-the other one was washed so often it fell apart.  I'll keep it thought as it was my other Pretty Boys'
Dad has been dead two months to day.  I still think I'll wake up and he will be here.  He was such a wonderful Dad and man-so full of love for everyone.
Well gotta get to getting and mail your pills.
Give my love to all
God Bless you'se guys
All our love
XXX Bobo & Pretty Boy Lu (??) xxx
Tell Perry his cousin Pretty Boy Lu is a chef-he sits on my shoulder all while I'm cooking-I put my salad down & he is into it right away. I just finished writing Mom & I write big for her & I forget & write big to everyone.  Cross off whatever pills you don't want you didn't need to put Quantity in left hand side.

note: Perry must have been a dog that Harold had and Neen was most likely a kickname for Eileen.