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JULY 11 1931 ISSUE

NOTE: Harold Voise would have been 23 years old

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MARCH 4TH, 1985

This is 27 page circus weekly
Shirley Henry has returned to Mexico where she does a good dea of work for Circo Atayade
Doug Terranova, wild animal trainer, returned to Clyde Bros. quarters in Texas on Feb. 13th, after an engagement in Japan.
Miranda and Nataly Blumenfeld, of the Sole Bros. Circus, were pictured in the latest fashion clothes, in the Jan. 25th issue of Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper.
--article on Helen Carpenter's cats---
--Law suit between Circus World and David McMillan---
--National Geographic magazine of Feb. 1985 on pages 254 and 255, there are two photos of the Mongolian Circus---
--Ron and Joy Holliday were featured on the front page of the Arts and Leisure section of the Florida Times-Union on Feb 10th.--
--Tom Lunsford--

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George Beal Circus: Ray Diesler, Harold Voise and Eileen Voise Flying Thrillers

Harvard Disclaimer for these photos below.

Eileen Voise in front of circus tent.
Used with permission MS Thr 675(18) Houghton Library, Harvard University
George Beal Circus Collection

Ray Diesler, Eileen Voise and Harold Voise(right)
Used with permission Houghton Library, Harvard University
Geroge Beal Collection
see above

Ray Diesler, Harold Voise and Eileen Voise

The Flying Harolds
George Beal must have been writing the agenda down back of the photo
George Beal Collection
Used with permission
Houghton Library Harvard University

Youthful pic of Eileen Sullivan (Voise)
Used with permission
George Beal Collection
Houghton Library
Harvard University

Eileen Voise
Harvard University at Houghton Library
Used with Permission
George Beal Circus Collection

Eileen Larey with bucket which also has her name on it.
At one time she was married to Wayne Larey
Used with permission
Houghton Library
Harvard University
George Beal Collection

Eileen Voise
Laundry time
George Beal circus Collection
Harvard University
Houghton Library
Used with permisssion

MS THR 675 (18) Houghton Library, Harvard University from the George Beal Collection
Eileen Sullivan (Voise) with clothspin

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