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Knights of Columbus Circus
General Manager: Harold Voise
Equestrian Director-Preston Lambert
Band Director Al Vernon
Master of Properties: Charles Jones
Rigging Superintendent: George Voise
Transportation: Leo Kreczmer
Cuneo Wild Animal Fantasy
Wiswell's Phunny Phord  (this is not a typo)
Tiebors Seals, Antonuccis Chimps, Royal Inca Llamas
Baudy's Greyhounds and Monkeys
The Gobs, Jan Risko & Nina, Landon's Midgets
Count Roberto De Vasconcellas
The Great Wallendas
Jeannine Pivoteau, The Geraldos, Aerial Carousel, The Luvas
Nelsons Porkers
Paramount Bears
Prince Duo Cycles, Theron Troupe
Constantines, St Leon Troupe, Jordan Bros.
Mister Sensation (Billy Barton)
Parade of the Jovial Jesters
Space Spanning Satellites
In Clown Alley:
Dewsburys Landons, Al Ackerman, George La Salle, Rollo, John Facer, Larry Banner
Charlie Cheer and Francois France
The 1960 Alhamdra Temple Shrine Circus
Produced by Harold Bros. Circus
President and General Manager: Harold R. Voise
America's Modern Circus
Rigging Superintendent: George Voise
18 numbers are shown:
Bouncing Eddies
Jerry Bangs and His Funsters
Irma & Rio Zavets and His Klown Kohorts
Honeymooners Comedy Car
Miss Mara
Dieter Tasso
Slicker's Seals
Clowns: Jerry Bangs, Al Ross, Jack Healy, Frank Derue, Max Berti
Dave Winnie and Patsy
Irma and Rio
Harold Bros. Clowns
Joe Frisco's Educated Chimps
Eris-one finger stand
Joe Frisco's Bull
Aquillars Perch Act
Rudynoff's Horses
Promenade of the Clowns
The Flying Zacchini's

Back of Program-Advertisements from Chattanooga, Tenn

1968 "Circus with a Purpose"
20th Annual
Lexington, Ky
Official Program Produced by Harold Bros.
George Voise: Superintendent and Property Dept
Part 1
Eloise Berchtold
Harold Bros. Clowns
Don B's
Bob Hofmeister-Midget Mule Act
Almero's Trio
Anden's Dogs
Jostling Jokers
Roger Bros. High Wire
Flying Del Martis
Clowns: Irv Romig, Jack Healey, Larry Benner, Rolla, Carl Romig
Gordon's Bears
Bob Tops
Baby Maya
Promenade of the Clowns: Red-nosed, chalk-faced, slap happy funmakers from the
earth's four corners
Jose Guzman and Monique

Back of Program is advertisements

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1967 Circus with a Purpose
19th Annual
Jungle Frank Leopards
Harold Brothers Clowns
Slivers Johnson and His Black Dot Taxi
Carmen's Review
Karen Nyce
Ferry Forst
Jostling Jokers
The Fabulous Rossell Troupe
The Flying Ray-Dens
Clowns: Irv Romig, Jack Healey, Larry Benner, Rolla and Carl Romig
Gerald Soules
Whirlwind on Wheels
Tony Diano's Elephants
Bettina-Queen of the Sway Pole
Zacchini's Double Cannon

Produced by Harold Bros.
George Voise-Superintendent and Property Dept
Al Vernon-Musical Director
Preston Lambert-Announcer

1967 Circus with a Purpose Official Program
18th Annual
Produced by Harold Bros.
George Voise: Superintendent and Property Dept
Joe Frisco's Wild Animals
Oleika Shrine Circus Clowns
Count De Boxcar Young
Gerard Soules
The Star Flights
Delmonte Chimps
Clowns: Irv Romig, Charley Cheer, Larry Benner, Rex Young, Rolla Carl Romig
Triska Troop
Les Medians
Jostling Jokers
The Three Houcs
Harold Brother's Little Lady Elephant
Sensational Swaying Stars
The Five-Flying Cavarettas

1965 Oleika Shrine Circus back page
Listing of the Active Medical Staff
Lexington, Ky. Unit
1965 17th Annual Oleika Shrine Circus
Produced by Harold Bros.
George Voise-Superintendent and Property Dept
Guy Gossing's Wild Animals
Oleika Clowns
Whirlwinds on Wheels
Rosaire's Crazy Canines
Carmen Del Teide
Delmonte Chimps
Ferry Forst
Clowns: Jerry Bangs, Joe and Chester Sherman, Jack Healey, Larry Benner, Rolla and
Ralph Williamson
Harold Alzana
The Flying Zacchinis
note from author: could be Eddie Zacchini, George Alvarez and Duina Zacchini (Norman)
Derrick Rosaire
Aquilars Perch Act
Tony Diano's Elephants
Johnny Luxem
Hugo Zacchini-Human Canonball

1964 Oleika Shrine Circus back bage
Photos: Noble Walter S. Gibbons
Mrs. Mary Trollope
Noble Dick Simon
1964 16th Annual Presentation
Oleika Shrine Circus
Produced by Harold Bros.
George Voise-Superintendent and Property Dept
M&R Kastens
Oleika Shrine Clowns
The Ralla Goliwogs
Johnnie Laddie Co.
Karen Nyce-One Finger Stand
The Gordon Family
Hunkie Johnson's Bears
Clowns: Jerry Bangs, Joe and Chester Sherman, Jack Healey, Larry Benner and Rolla
The Flying Zacchinis
Ma Ho Pin
Paul Kelly's Elephants
Michele and Michele
Hugo Zacchini-The Human Canon Ball
1963 Oleila Shrine Circus back page
Capital City Shrine Club photo
with child getting a new bike
right side: Story of the Shriners errand of mercy.
1963 Annual Oleika Shrine Circus Official Program
Produced by Harold Bros.
George Voise: Superintendent and Property Dept.
Overture with Al Vernon
Prince El Ki Gordo
Slivers Johnson and His Black Dot TAxi
Rudy Dockey's Dogs
Capt Roland Tiebor's Seals
The Starflights with Jeff and Susan Austin
Charlotte and Her Chimps
Jostling Jokers
Triska Troupe
The Lacys'
Bournelly's Comedy Acrobatic Act
Clowns: Al Ross, Larry Benner, Frank DeRue, Pat Kelly, and Rudy Dockey.
C=Glen Henry Carloads of Canines
Billy Barton
Harold Brothers Little Lady Elephant
Bettina-Queen of the Sway Pole
The Flying Zacchinis
1962 Oleika Shrine Circus back page
"Proceeds from these annual shows go to support the Shriners
Hospital for Crippled Children in Lexington, Ky.
1900 Richmond Road"
1962 Oleika Shrine Circus Offical Program
Overture with Al Vernon
Charlotte Walch's World's Only Uncaged Animal Act
Alfredo La Ndon's Acrobactic and Tumbling Act
Cal Claude's One-Finger Stand
Dianne Wilson Seals
Jostling Jokers
La May's
The Great Veno
Ferry Forst-cannon
Kay and Kay
Sonny Moore's Roustabouts
The Amandis
Great Beckett
Promenade of the Clowns
The Four-Flying Alexanders

note: George Voise , Superintendent and Property Dept.
note2: This program was a work in progress before printing;  it seems for there is evidence of cut and pasting in
preparation for the final printing.
1960 Oleika Shrine Circus back page
Advertisement from Lexington Ky.
Photos: Bear with little girl and
The Meteors
1960 Annual Oleika Shrine Circus
Produced by Harold Bros.
Official Program
Robert's Leopards
Jerry Bangs and His Funsters
Ben Dova
Sergeant Canestrelli
Miss Mara
Aguilars Perch Act
Baudy's Greyhounds
Hildalys-Upside-down Unicycle Act
Clowns: Al Ross, Jack Healy, Frank DeRue, Garner E. Newton and Rollo
Les Bond
Harold Bros. Clowns
Allen's Bear
The Meteors
Bulls-Koa-the African Elephant
Noble Trio
Billy Barton
The Great Veno

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Bob Porter, Eileen Voise, George Voise, Harold Voise, Orda Masker, Joe Masker
Orda Masker, Jack Voise, Mayme Ward, George Voise, Harold Voise, Eileen Harold (Voise)
Harold Voise and Eileen Voise
Sept 18th 1944
Los Angeles California
Coles Bros. Circus
George Voise, Joe Masker, Harold Voise
 October 12th 1942
Coles Bros.Circus
l to r: George Voise, Joe Masker, Maric, Bob, unk
in Hol????
8 1/2 X 11 paper
Laurie Stuart
(along the top of the picture: Circo Franck Brown Mexico 75
Palacio De Los Deportes Foto Baston
the newspaper he is holding headlines
Walt Disney vit toujors!!
typed on back of this 8x10
A LOT OF BULL...Esther Williams feeds four-ton "Big Babe" on the set of M-G-M's "Jupiter's
Darling" as Howard Keel aids.
CinemaScope musical co-stars Esther Williams,Howard Keel, Marge and Gower Champion and
George Sanders. George Wells produces and George Sidney directs from the
script by Dorothy Kingsley
(typed on the back: The Apollos)
(all 4 photos as one 8x10)
Cole Bros Circus
left to right: unk, George Voise, unk, Bob Porter, soldier,unk,Jack Voise, Eileen Voise, and
Harold Voise with cigar!
May 28th 1943 taken by John C Wyatt Bellaire Ohio
Danny McBride, Horace Laird, Albert Powell, Otto Gribling
"witten on the back"
Eugene Troupe-RB and BB Circus
Possibly: Charles Eugene, Joe Masker, Bob Eugene, David Warner
The four clowns might be: Stuart Roberts, Vance Gill,Tony Antone, David Warner
Vic Shephard, Bill Mays.
Flying Melzoras
Worlds Premier Aerialist
on back:
Bus and I painting the barn looks swell and i am glad ???? done.

author note: this is the training barn in Saginaw at Webber and  Collingwood streets
where Harold Voise would have had his earliest training at the Melzora barn.  City Directories indicate that the Melzers lived at 800 Brown Street and the Voise's lived at 808 Brown Street.  Harold states that he grew up
with the Melzora's kids. "They were training them and so they took me right along with them"
That was about 1921 which is the same year the barn was built.  He played parks and fairs in the summer time and went back to school and then he
joined the Flying Wards in 1924 in Bloomington.
Harold was playing in Albany New York and Wards was near by with Sells-Floto. Eddie and Harold exchanged addresses and Harold at 15 with permission from father and mother left Saginaw
and started in with the Wards of Bloomington.
Thomas Melzer and Jane (Ma) married in 1904 but in the 1920s separated.
They had 3 sons: Melzer Jr aka Buster (died Auguest 1994), Ray and Bill
Ray married Anne in 1932'
Bill later left the act and became a CPA in Saginaw.
Besides H. Voise other performers would train here:
Steward Roberts, Jess Detwiler, Harold McClossen, Roddy Cushman and Garee Bros. and Roy Deisler
The act was retired in 1950s
note: sources include Steve Gossard and Stuart D Gross.

written on back:
George Voise, Joe Masker, Harold Voise
Sept 18th 1944
Los Angelas, Ca

Cecile T. Czubak (signature on the backs)
Cole Bros Circus wagon in background

1958 Oleika Shrine Circus back page
Advertisements only
Lexington, Ky
1958 Oleika Shrine Temple Tenth Annual Shrine Circus
Lexington, Ky
Pat Anthony's Wild Animal Act
Aerial Georges, Comedy Aerial Bars
Forseitz-Medndez Trio-High Wire Act
Jan Risko & Nina, Novelty Jugglers
Wiswell's Funny Ford
Nelsons's Trained Pigs
The Flying Thrillers, Flying Trapeze
The Great Galasso
La Norma
Antonucci's Chimpanzees
Harold Bros. Circus Elephants
Tokayer Troupe, Acrobats
Harold Bros. Circus Clowns

1977- 41st Annual Hospitler Circus-back page
The Cyclonians
The Flying Palacio's (6)
The Royal Inca Llamas
The Carlo's Duo Perch Act
Al Vernon
The Staneks
Irv Romig
The Four Endres

1977-41st Annual Hospitaler Circus Program
Manager: Harold Voise
Rigging Superintendent: George Voise
The Elkins Sisters
The Cyclonians
The Four Endres
Lilli-Ana-Kristensen and Her Leopards and Black Panther (centerfold)
The Flying Palacio's (see note)

note: George Lalo Palacio (Frenchy)
Raoul Palacio
Jose Palacio
Irma Palacio
(Mexico City)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

1976-40 Annual Hospital Circus back page
The Vickinas Kids
Erik and Bobbi-stand on one finger
Zavattas Balancing Ladder Act
Erik's Comedy Chimps
Irv Romig-Rickey the Clown
King's Performing Elephants
Al Vernon
The Flying Dells
Chase and Park
Erik Adams-chimp hangs by his teeth
Aguillars' Perch Act
1976- 40th Annual Hospitaler Circus Program
Manager Harold Voise
Rigging Superintendent: George Voise
Lilli-Ana-Kristensen and Her Leopards & Black Panther
(notes on the above act: taken from the State Journal 3/2/78 Lilli-Anna's spoiled babies eat about 35 pounds of beef hearts, neck bones and chicken a day. They swallow 3 heaping teaspoons of castor oil and actually beg for more.  They go crazy over perfume and all tend to like women more than men-probably because a woman taught them their tricks. And like many other redblooded mammals, Lilli-Anna's six leopards and panther tend to have their little family squabbles. Hashish, a 200 pound 10 year old panther broke one of the leopard's backs. A doctor patched the back up but Hashish can still be a bit testy.
Oh, hes showy and oh yes he's really stuck up, says the panther's smiling blonde trainer. And he could take your arm off.
For 6 years Lilli-Anna has been bringing her big cats to circus arenas around the United States. Today through Sunday she'll be putting the cats through stunts at the Lansing Civic Center when the 42nd annual Hospitaler Circus presents its array of performers.
Lilli-Anna's is only one of two acts in the US in which a panther is loos in a circus arena.  And she believes shes's the only woman performing with a panther in a US circus.
Hashish may look sweet and kind, she says, but watch out. "He knows me and so he thinks I'm fine. With anyone else he would take away their hand.  Goodbye arms. He could get you from right where you stand. And all of these cats are so very fast that once i looked and saw one on one side of the room and the next thing i knew he was on the other side.
She said she hadn't even seen him make the trip. Lilli-Anna swabs Hashish's cage with pine-scented cleaning fluid mixed with water and the big animal rolls over on his back, then rolls onto his stomach and presses his velvety black nose into the floor.  Oh they just love the smell, Lilli-Anna said with a laugh traces of a Danish accent still clear in her voice. they love perfume so much that when I spray a little into their trailer they roll over and just go crazy. Such big babies.
But Lilli-Anna cants let her guard down with the animals; she's had her share of close calls.  During a practice session, the slim trainer was coaxing a leopard on a pedestal to jump over her head. Once he jumped he went right for my throat. But when they want to jump you they start to drool all over first. Strange as it may sound, Lilli-Anna was saved by the drool.  When he started to jump he slipped on his own drool. He fellright into the saw dust and he got so embarrassed because he had failed that he just walked away. I was lucky. You dont live through a leopard.  They go for the throat or the brain. She pointed to a leopard thrashing his tail and knocking his pan againts his cage.  That fellow if he ever go ahold of somebody, he would never let go.  Her husband Svend watches on the sidelines when she performs with the cats. People dont know it but he's there hollering at me about what i have to watch for. He has a long stick too.  See, I cant watch behind me so he's there to help out and warn me.
Svend says he doesn't get jittery watching his wife put the cats through their paces in the circus ring. If I ever start getting nervous I'll quit, he says.
They dont believe in carry a gun during the act.  So many peopletry to have the cats as pets.  But it the people are attacked its their own fault. These are not pets; they are wild animals.  You have to respect them.  It is always the person's fault if he is hurt.  I get it once and awhile from animals.  Lilli-Anna began training felines about 6 years old, coaxing them to behave with meat and a whip.  They can be nasty, she said But they have to learn to trust you.  She spends hours talking to them, singing to them and cleaning their cages-a task that never seems finished.  The cages require at least four or five full scale cleanings a day.
Some people think its cruel to keep the cats in cages like this, she said But the cats are very healthy and cats are really vey lazy animals. Even in the jungle they hunt awhile, then lay down and rest most of the day.
It takes at least 4 years to train the animals properly, she said.  With these 2 babies (2 1/2 Barbary leopards) I never know what they'll do, they're so young.  The African leopards are on the wildlife endangered list and among the few Barbary leopards now living in captivity.  Teaching cats tricks isn't really the most difficult part of the act, Lilli-Anna continued, What's the hard is getting them accustomed to new faces, voices, bright lights, the applause at the circus.
Lilli-Anna was born in Denmark to a father who loved the Big Top and a mother who thought it was scandalous.  She was a little old-fashioned and believed that when show business people came you had to go get the laundry and hide the chickens.  An active child, she studied ballet and acrobatics.  When the circus came to town she made friends with the performers. They asked her to join them.  She fought with her parents over the suggestion, but eventually left to swing on the trapeze.  Circus animals quickly became an interest.  She learned to train horses and do some trick riding.  Then a few years ago she met a Czechoslovakian woman who wanted to sell some big cats she couldn't afford to keep. I just knew i could do it and now I've gotten so attached to these cats.  I just love them.  there's sort of an understanding between us.  I'd never sell them.  I'd let them lay under a palm tree at my home during the winter time.
Lilli-Anna lives in Florida  when she's not making 60 to 70 stops around the country with circuses.
If you're thinking of becoming another Lilli-Anna and training a few big cats to jump through hoops of fire, or leap over your head, she has some advice: You've gotta have a log of guts and 100,000 bucks. The money goes toward a semitruck, stainless steel cages and a 525 pound freezer for all that meat.
(article written by Lee Upton and used with promotion )
(note#2 of this act above: another article appears in Long Island Journal 5/10/98)
The Vickinas-Kids
Roger Zoppe's Arabian Riders (centerfold)
Zavattas Balancing Ladder Act
Chase and Park
The Flying Dells
1973-37th Annual Hospitaler Circus-back page
Johnnie Cline's Elephants
The Saturnaires
Miss Jo Ann
John Liberty
The Jostling Jokers
Bobo Barnett
Al Vernon
Jennifer's Seals
Irv Romig-Rickey the Clown
The Fabulous Wallendas
Norbu (author note: Norbert and Arden Kreisch)
1973-37th Annual Hospitaler Circus Program
Manager: Harold Voise
Rigging Superintendent: George Voise
Guy Gossing's Royal Bengal Tigers (centerfold)
Miss Patricia-an olympic springboard diving champion
Chester Bobo Barnett
The Fabulous Wallendas
The Saturnaires
The Flying Rock-Smiths
1972- 36th Annual Hospital Circus-back page
Zavattas Balancing Ladder Act
Jacob's Elephants
Serge Duo-Aerial Motorcycle
Al Vernon
Welde's Bears
The Blondins Troupe
Norby-Arden-The Caddy and the Pro
Roger Zoppe's Arabian Riders
1972-36th Annual Hospital Circus Program
Manager: Harold Voise
Rigging Superintendent: George Voise
Zavattas Balancing Ladder Act
The Caddy and the Pro
Featuring Noby-Arden in her Debut-A Young Star is born

note: (Noby Arden is currently in LA doing Stuntwork see

Roger Zoppe's Arabian Riders
The Flying Armors
Pat Anthony's Fighting Lions and Tigers (centerfold)

1971-35th Annual Hospitaler Circus Program
Manager: Harold Voise
Rigging Superintendent: George Voise
Margarita Vasques-Juggling Hairialist
Milongas-Trained Liberty Horses (center fold)
The Great Leonardos Troupe
The Four Flying Dells
1970-34th Annual Hospital Circus-back page
Chris Alberti Family
The Christies
The Georgians
The Fabulous Flying Artons
Carl A Romig-Clown
Mr. George Hanneford
Johnnie Clines Elephants
Al Vernon

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1970-34th Annual Hospitaler Circus
Manager: Harold Voise
Rigging Superintendent: George Voise
Tarzan Zerbini-Center Photo
Mademoiselle Jackie-Direct from Paris
Chris Alberti Family on the Rolling Globes
Flying Arton's
Indoor Circus
clown: Alfredo Landon
22 displays
display 16: The Flying Rousseaus
display 19: Norbu

(nothing on the back side)
1961 Annual Syrian Temple back page
 details of 1961 Circus Committee on right side
phote of right: Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children
Lexington, Kentucky
listed also Syrian Temple Chanters

1961 April 3-8
Annual Syrian Temple Shrine Circus
Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio
Produced by Thomas N. Pack
There are 24 displays
Display 3: Glamorous Miss Mara-Spain's Fabulous Trapeziste
Display 13: The Rousseau-Geraldos

back page of the Ringling Bros Circus Program (red)
unable to find year
various small photos of the acts