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Norbert Kreisch, George Voise, Arden Kreisch, catcher

13"x10" photo
George Voise and Arden Kreisch on the right

over the net

Performer's Pass
Damascus Temple Shrine Circus
Admit: Geo Voise
Rochester, New York #1923
Elmer E. Raithel chairman
December 1951 Venice, California
George Voise, Rose Sullivan, Billy, Eileen Voise (Sullivan)
standing: unk, George Voise, Harold Voise, Unk
unk, Bob Porter

Frankie T. Saluto
(circus hall of fame clown in 1991)

with carrot feeding white rabbit
Postcard format/size highlighting him on the reverse in small blue typed fonts
this appears that the postcard was made for him to distribute/mail

note#1: Member of the Ringling Baseball Giants
note#2: 46 years of clowning
note#3: Is anyone else aware of another postcard of him?

The Flying Harolds
Roy Deisler, Harold Voise, Eileen Voise
unk flier
Newspaper Photo and caption:
Louisville, Kentucky
Substitue Butterfly...Janice Franco, in jacket, once performed with Barbette's Human Butterflies, an aerial act with the Shrine Circus. So when she read in a Los Angeles paper that the Butterflies were injured Monday in a fall at the Armory she flew here to replace one of them.  She's being welcomed by Beatrice Augustine.

note: Janice Franco, wife to George Voise
Season's Greetings
Harold Barnes and His Wire
(Postcard Format/Size)

note#1: Display 16 on the Coles Bros Circus April 29th 1936
The Canadian Juvenile Wonder, Harold Barnes, walking, running dancing on a
swining wire, then letting his lithe body sway like a pendulum until the arc of swing brings him parallel
with the ground.
Harold K. Conn?

Billy Lorette
Richmond Virginia Fair
October 6th, 1928
not#1: There is a reference to him being in The Great Mansfield Fair
On Beautiful Smythe Park
Mansfield, Pennslyvania
Sept 20,21,22,23 in 1927

Cole Bros.Circus
Eileen Voise
A 4/23/1937 newspaper article says" Eileen flies through the air with the greatest of ease because of her beautiful supple muscles. The same strong muscles give her these streamlined measurements: Bust 31 inches; waist, 24 inches; hips, 32 inches. Incidentally, these are the measurements of a modern, air-minded mother, for Eileen Larey has a six-year-old daughter.  This performer weighs 103 pounds and is five feet tall."

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Melzer Thomas Barn
Collingwood and Webber Streets
Saginaw, Michigan
(written on the back-Ray Ann Billie Baby Bill Bus)
Medinah Shrine Circus
February 27 to March 15, 1953
Medinah Temple
600 North Wabash Avenue
Performer's Pass
No. 262
Geo. Voice (Voise)
Aladdin Shrine Circus
April 6th thru 11, 1953
Coliseum, State Fair Grounds, Columbus, Ohio
Performer and Worker Pass
George Voise
General Chairman: Ray Wagenhorst
Brooklyn New York
May 14th, 1935
Jack Voise looking on the right
George Voise on the right (pipe)
Clyde Beatty Circus
LA, Calif.
Jack Voise middle to the right
Behind the Circus Scenes
Jack Voise on the right
Sept 11, 1935
Ringling Circus
Appears Jack Voise in second from the left sitting
Cole Bros. Circus #93 Car
(photographer was from Cinn. Ohio
Post Card Format
Clyde Betty Circus
Circus Laudry
Eileen Voise 1942
The license plate is from California
Eileen S. Voise 12/6/1906-1/13/1983
(previous names: Eileen Sullivan, Eileen Harold, Eileen Larey)
Cole Bros. Circus
Harold Voise, Eileen Voise, and Jack Voise
(Photographer stamp is from LA)
Only known photo of George M. Voise
although not sure if he is on the left or right
Robert J. Inglis

born: Nov 3rd, 1921

died: July 28th, 2010

Note: recent update on 7/29/15 from family members. there is a date on the back Sept 3 19?? perhaps this picture is taken before be went  off to war.

further info. pending...
???, Harold Voise (right)
Cole Bros. Circus
Eileen Sullivan (Voise)
Cole Bros. 1952
George Voise, Rose Sullivan and Jim Olsen
Behind the scenes
Jack Voise, Santos
Sept 18, 1937
Ardmore, Okla.
Cole Bros. 1952
 Unk, Harold Voise, Eileen Voise, Rose Sullivan (Behee), George Voise
Jim Olsen to the far right
Harold Voise on the right
Appears to Tom Mix barrels in the background

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From the Flying Melzora's Collection
Melvin J. Zahnow Library Archives
Saginaw Valley State University
(used with permission)
left to right:
unknown standing, Melzer R. Thomas, clown is Ray Thomas, unknown girl in back, unknown sitting and
Harold R. Voise to the far right.

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William W. Porter, 24, standing, and Audrey J Ching 21 of Hawaii in back who will be married Saturday are
retiring from the circus careers. Shown with them are grandparents Mr. and Mrs. James E Soda Sullivan 73 and 71 respectively, of 11 Quirk Ave.,the first generation of Holyoke's famous circus family.
37 years ago, a famous Holyoke circus couple shook the sawdust from their feet and returned to Holyoke, bidding the Big Top goodby forever.
The were Mr. and Mrs. James E Soda Sullivan of 11 quirk Ave., the Mom and Dad of a second and third generation of circus performers.
Now a member of the 3rd generation is retiring from the glamour of circus life to settle down in Holyoke this time at 433 Elm Street.
William W. Porter, their grandson will be married this Saturday to a girl who me met in the circus, Audrey J. Ching of Kahului, Maui, Hawaii.
They will exchange wedding vows on Saturday morning at 9am in Blessed Sacrament church teaming up to settle down in Holyoke.  They said goodby to the Polack Brothers circus with which she performed as an aerialist and he as an aerial bar artist at Jacksonville, Fla.,Nov 30.
The old performers dont seem to think the circus is as glamorous as it used to be but I dont think its lost any glamour says Bill.
The glamour is still there, children still love the circus agrees his grandfather who qualifies this statement with feelings that the circus isnt what is used to be regrets that the Big Top has disappeared, whiches that the three ring circus be restored.
Whether yearning for the circus of yesterday or today, members of the 3 generations of circus perfomrers will be represented at the wedding  to see Bill married to petite, dark eyed dark haired Audrey wearing a white ballerina length gown.
The matron of honor, another member of the 3rd generation and Bills cousin, Mrs. Arden (Larey)
Kreisch will be gowned in blue velvet. Mrs Kreisch and heer husband Norbert will appear in a monkey act on the Ed Sullivan television show this Sunday night.
Best man will be Bill's brother, James E. Porter who was trapeze artist with the circus until 31/2 years ago. He is now attending the Vesper George School of Industrial Art in Boston.
Of course the couple who inspired their children and their grandchildren, Bill, Arden and James to join the circus will be there.
Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan look back upon their roles as acrobatic artist and bare-back horse rider in Barnum and Bailey Ringling Brothers, and other famous circuses with nostalgia.  Their circus careers of more than a dozen years ended in 1920 when they decided to return to Holyoke to settle down.  Mr. Sullivan, a retired member of the Holyoke Fire Dept. and his wife are seeing their grandson Bill settle down too.
Bill's aunt, Mrs. Edna Kingley of Mayer Dr. a 2nd generation member who was an aerial ballet artist from 1935 to 1939, will also be at the wedding and reception at the Log Cabin.  A non-circus 2nd generation Officer James H. Sullivan of the Holyoke Police Dept will also be there.
Bill's mother, Mrs. Rose Murphy of Los Angeles, Calif. another 2nd generation member, a former aerial trapeze artist with famous circuses, has been in show business for over 25 years. Bill got his first real taste of circus life by traveling with his mother in 1950 when she was a member of the Wallenda troupe playing at big fairs and the Cole Brothers Circus.  His father, James Porter of Houston, Texas does an independent trapeze act.
Another 2nd generation member, Eileen Larey Voise, another famous aerialist, retired from a flying trapeze act in Polack Brothers Circus in 1956 when her daughter, Arden, took over he place for a time. Mrs. Voise's husband Harold has been manager of Polack Brothers, a Shrine Circus, but intends to act independently next season.
As a member of the Aerial Voises, Bill performed with Harold; Harold's brother, George Voise, and Ralph Oyseth.
The 1951 graduate of Holyoke high school joined the team in 1955 after completing a four years term in the Marine Corp, serving in Korea and Japan.
(break in article)
He catapulted into the air doing somersaults. He bounced from heights of 30 feet into a next and back to the aerial bar. His work required practice and confidence.
The aerial bar performer from Holyoke also me a lovely girl from Hawaii.
Audrey joined the circus in 1955 to be with her mother and stepfather June and Pinky Madison , elephant trainers with Polack Brothers. Mrs. Madison will attend the wedding.
Audrey left her native Hawaii following graduation from high school in 1955 with no intention of becoming a circus performer.  As she traveled with the circus her interest in becoming an aerialist grew until she joined a team of 8 girls in an aerial act a year ago.
Both Bill and Audrey testify that traveling is the hardest part of circus life, that audiences in Canada show their appreciation the most.  People in the United States who are accustomed to watching TV like the shows but forget to clap as much.
After sharing their circus experiences, Holyoke's daring young man on the flying trrapeze has captured the heart of a pretty girl who can also fly thru the air with the greatest of ease.
The hero of this story has not only won where the hero of the song failed, but has also made plans to live happily ever after with the heroine in Holyoke.

((from newspaper article and not sure of exact date)

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1941 Official Route
page 20-21
Begins: Oct 6th, Pensacolo Florida
Ends: Nov 2 Longview Texas
Total Miles Traveled 15,004
Length of Season 180 days
# of Performances given: 356
# of states visited: 25

Official Route During Season 1941
Cole Bros. Circus
page 18-19
Begins: June 9th in Detroit Michigan
Ends: Oct 5th Montgomery Alabama
1941 Official Route During Season 1941
Cole Bros. Circus
Starts: April 25th in Louisville Ky
Ends on this page June 8th Detroit Michigan
1941 Official Circus Program
Cole Bros. Circus
page 14 and 15
Display #29-33
Capt John Smith, Adolf Delbosq and Richard Cambell
The Flying Thrillers: Harold, Jack and George Voise
Eileen Harold with Mayme Ward, Orda Masha (Masker) Eileen Harold
The Hippodrome Races
Your Land and My Land

Monkey is John Daniels III
1941 Official Circus Program
Cole Bros. Circus
page 12,13
display #19-#28
Miss Florence Tennyson
Reiffenach Troupe with Clarence Bruce
Senor Juan Lobo
Miss Dorothy Herbert (15 maids are also mentioned)
Miss Maryln Rick and the Butterfly Ballet
Mexican Bullfight with Senor Jose Gonzales and Co.
The Aerial Shuberts, Risley, The Famous Nelson Troupe, Misses Dearo and Delbosq
The Most Gorgeous Bigtop In All Circus History
1941 CBC Official Program
page 10,11
1941 Official Circus Program
Cole Bros. Circus
page 8 and 9
Acts Mentioned:
Otto Greibling, Horace Laird, Freddie Freeman, Emmett Kelly
Joe Belevockey, Dorothy Herbert and Fred Mann
The Great Webber
Miss Marion Knowlton, Miss Jean Allen, Miss Wanda Wentz
Miss Lola Reiffenach,Miss Lucy, Miss Anita La Bell
Senor Juan Lobo
Lord Albert Mills
Jack Dempsey
The Misses Rich and Dearo and The Misses Rich and Partello
Sergeant Shubery, Mr. Ernie White and Mr Bert Dearo
Senor Marojola, The Webber Bros. and Chattita, King Harris
Shirley Byron

1941 Official Program
Cole Bros. Circus
page 6 and 7
 See Display NO.5 in Ring No.1: The Voise Troupe
and Ring No.3 The Harold Troupe
1941 CBC Official Program
page 4,5
J.D\. Newman, General Agent and Traffic Manager
1941 CBC Official Program
page 3