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March 1985 Sarasota Florida
Harry E. Voise born 1928 and Harold R. Voise born 1908
There was a 20 year age difference in these brothers. Harold wanted my father to fly but he wanted to be home and care for his mother and a sister back in Saginaw. My father would marry and have 4 children. He worked for Consumers Power for 35 years. I recall him being very fit and athletic and  doing summer summersaults on the beach. Me? I ran track and field and placed fourth in the Michigan state meet in 1971 running a 2 mile in 9:37.  I am currently a long distance swimmer on our lake in Gladwin Michigan.

Aug 16, 1963

Dear Mr. Voise, We all enjoyed the wonderful circus acts performed at our hospital this morning. The following patients extend their sincere appreciation to you, the performers and all who assisted. Out best wishes in your continued success
Mary Trollope
Margaret Tucker
Judy Royalty
Chrisy Kraemer
Janis Boyd
Judy Betz
Linda Midgett
Susie Workman (Elizabeth)
Mary Clark
Pamela Thomas
Sheila While Jine Hughes
Mattie Peters
Joey Luda DS
John Turpin
Mike Crachel
John Blackbrim
Christ Bodkin
M Mcheely
bob Garland
Sheldon Kuhns
? Allan Thompson
Bronson Davis
J. Crisp

Kids get a preview of the Shrine Circus
Chicago Daily News Friday Feb 26th, 1954
below: antics of clown Lou Jacobs and the gorilla act of Arden and Norbu compete for attentions of excited youngsters at a preview of the Shrine circus  which opened Friday at Medinah Temple. The "gorilla's" cat-walk along the balcony rails thrills the youngsters...
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note: I don't have the rest of the article.
Eileen and Rose Sullivans parents are in the middle.
Queen of Ringling Circus is Antoinette, star of the aerial act. She's a member of the Flying Concellos. The circus opens today at East Warren and Connar
" Best wishes to Eileen, Esther"


note: postcard size

note: mostly her name was Esther Howard with some Billboard references
Chester "Bobo" Barnett
This is a personal letter to Harold and Eileen from Paris, France
" Dear Friends: Eileen and Harold:---We are all having a few wines-etc. together and will now write you a few lines----------
How we wish you were here with Rose  and best wishes.  Winnie Rose ???
Don's believe her she has had one drink too many. BoboXXXXX
this is me working ...in other words....everybody is on the way it s4 in the morning-my wife ...
regards???  "

note: difficult to read
note: Read Bobo's Daughter by his daughter.